Financial Management Services (FMS) Software

Complete FMS solution featuring payroll processing and billing

Our FMS software goes beyond payroll and managing authorizations by allowing users to apply complex business rules to payroll batch processing. Our rules can be customized to prevent billing and authorization issues from occurring. If your organization does Fiscal/Employer Agent, Agency with Choice, Fiscal Intermediary, Fiscal Support Entity, or Co - employment Service we invited you to discover our low cost alternative to other FMS software solutions!

Our FMS solution features the following features

  • Consumer, Agency, Case Manager, and Employee web portal access
  • Web based time entry
  • EDI claim and payment processing
  • Payroll processing for all 50 states
  • Federal, State, and Local Tax Reporting
  • Magnetic Media Support
  • 941R support, without uploading your data to a third party site
  • Invoice creation
  • Budget and Authorization Management
  • Paycard, Direct Deposit, and ACH processing
  • Vendor Check Processing
  • W2 and 1099 Generation